Shalijet Sealing Compound Grade B

Shalijet Sealing Compound Grade B

Application Methodology

  • Remove dust, flakes, oil, grease or other foreign particles by jet or dry air and clean the surface to make it smooth before applying ShaliJet Sealing Compound.
  • Spray or brush, on the area where ShaliJet Sealing Compound is to be applied, ShaliJet Primer evenly throughout the joints and allow it to dry completely. 24 hours is enough to dry the primer during normal weather condition.
  • Cover the joint by plastic film if rain is expected after primer application.
  • Cut ShaliJet Sealing Compound drum and heat it to 180°-210°C while slowly stirring the material for uniformity. A 26 kg drum will take 2-3 hrs at 190°-200°C for complete melting using hand stirrer. Do not overheat as this may cause frothing. If for any reason bubble appears during melting, keep the temperature around 180°C for a longer time with slow manual stirring till the bubble disappears.
  • Upon primer drying completely, pour molten ShaliJet® Sealing Compound from one side of the joint allowing it to travel through the joint as much as practicable. While pouring, ensure that temperature of material is in the range of 190 oC to 200 oC.
  • During the pouring process, to avoid spillage, place wooden boards on both sides of joint and pour from can with extended spout.

ShaliJet® Sealing Compound is thermoplastic material. It flows in hot condition and settles to a plasto-elastic mass when cold. Being fuel / heat resistant, ShaliJet® Sealing Compound is used as sealant in construction of runways.


  • Runway Joints
  • Bridge / road joints.
  • Joints in garages, filling stations and other places of construction joints like in warehouse floors and secondary containment of walls and floors of artificial water ponds.


  • Fuel spillage resistant.
  • Jet exhaust heat resistant.
  • Good adhesion to concrete / other surface.
  • Low susceptibility to flow during hot weather condition.
  • Resistant to sunlight / rain and cyclic temperature changes.
  • Anti-corrosive and prevents root growth.
  • Resistant to ingress of foreign substance

Health & Safety

  • ShaliJet Sealing Compound is inflammable.
  • Use goggles, gumboots, nose covers and hand gloves during application
  • Clean hands with warm soap water after application


Available in 26 Kgs and 260 Kgs drums.


Keep in cool and dry place under shed away from heat

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